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Disability Insurance

from McNamara Insurance

Disability Insurance

Income Protection for injury or illness 

Most people think their homes, their vehicles, and their savings are their only assets. But you have another asset that often goes unappreciated: your ability to work and therefore earn an income. What if something were to happen and you were unable to bring in money for either a short or a long period?

Fortunately, disability insurance was designed to pay a portion of your income if you are too ill or injured to work. If you or your household rely on your paycheck, this insurance may be a safety net that lets you rest easier. Even young people can experience disability, such as a broken bone, back injury, or heart attack.

Disability insurance may be short- or long-term. It replaces your monthly base salary up to a predetermined cap. There are different types of disability benefits, such as those that pay out if you can’t work in your particular occupation and those that cover you even if you can only work part-time.

Who Needs Disability Insurance?

Anybody who earns a paycheck can benefit from having disability insurance if they are suddenly unable to work. These people, in particular, find disability insurance reassuring:

  • Single parents
  • Sole household breadwinners
  • People without savings
  • Workers in manual or highly physical professions
  • Employees who don’t get disability insurance through the workplace
  • Self-employed workers

Even if you get disability insurance through your employer, you may want to supplement it with your own policy. And unlike workplace disability policies, private disability insurance does not end if you change employers.

Disability Insurance Customized for Your Needs

Your disability insurance policy premium is based on a variety of factors, including age, general health, smoking status, occupation, income, and desired extra features like cost of living adjustments. The premium will also be affected by the policy’s definition of disability and how long you must wait before receiving benefits.

We understand everyone’s needs are unique. Because we are independent brokers at McNamara Insurance, we have a wide array of disability insurance products available to us, and we can tailor a policy to you. Call us today at 617-964-0200 to learn more, or get in touch online for a quote. You’ll appreciate knowing your income is protected even if you are suddenly unable to work.